My Story

Hi there! I’m glad you found me here. To be honest, I’m a little (a lot) surprised to be here myself. I suppose these days I’m what you call an entrepreneur, but that definitely wasn’t always the case.

All I knew in high school (back in little old Oromocto, New Brunswick, Canada) was that I wanted to write. I didn’t know exactly what my career options were, but I definitely, definitely wanted to write. I ended up in Journalism, and three and a half years into a four year degree realized that wasn’t right for me (have you ever tried broadcast journalism? Filming hours of footage of yourself then spending hours in a CBC editing suite on a Saturday afternoon listening to yourself say the same sentence over and over again is enough to drive anyone crazy).

I did a little one-eighty and transferred into the Communications program, still graduating on-time with a Bachelor of Arts, Double Majors in Journalism and Communications and a Minor in Philosophy. Turns out, there aren’t a lot of jobs on the East Coast looking for philosopher wannabes skilled in writing and with no work experience, so I moved to Halifax and enrolled in the Bachelor of Public Relations program at Mount Saint Vincent University. I have a thing for tiny universities, apparently.

Through the co-op program, I ended up in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada for a four-month stint and decided to stay. I finished my degree via distance, and within two months of graduating landed a contract with the Department of Justice in my field. That translated into a permanent role with a growing private sector company as the sole Marketing Coordinator for five offices across Canada. Lots of room to grow, improve my skills, and climb the corporate ladder. I’d landed my dream job.

Three years later, I was definitely not in line to climb any ladder, and when the company was acquired by a larger international firm, my position was one of several that were eliminated.

I tried to hold on to the dream at first. I went on interviews – so. many. interviews. I was open to anything. Some interviews I went on I thought would be the perfect job for me. Others, I almost hoped there would be no call back. I applied for some jobs I was incredibly under-qualified for; others that I was incredibly over-qualified for.

Six months later, there were still no bites. Frustrated and amazed that I’d yet to find a new job, I decided to stop waiting. I knew there were companies that needed my skillset. I’d been increasing my knowledge around content marketing, and decided to make the leap – I was going to go out and find the work myself.

A few months later Blue Whale Communications was officially registered as a Canadian business.

I’ve learned a lot since that day. Not just about how to run a business (because man, that’s a textbook or two on its own) but also about what I really want. I don’t want to climb the corporate ladder, because I’ve realised that that involves a lot of hard work, time, and energy focused on things I don’t actually enjoy doing. That involves things like commuting in rush-hour traffic, working when someone else decides I should be most productive, having limited vacation days, and never really feeling like the weekends are long enough.

I don’t want Friday at 4pm to be the happiest I am all week, every week. I don’t want to waste two hours a day, five days a week, staring at my steering wheel listening to nonsense on the radio. I’d rather wake up an hour later, feeling rested and energized, and get right to work for a couple hours. Or a lot of hours. Whether it’s Monday, or Saturday. And I want the freedom to work from anywhere, with clients I choose to work with – i.e., the kick-ass clients whose brands and ideas I can really get behind.

I don’t need to be rich. I just want to find happiness and freedom, without stressing for someone else so that they can find those things first.

And this blog is going to show you just how I plan to do it. One step, one lesson, and one victory at a time – so that you can do it, too.

See you on the flip side!