Make a Difference with AirBnB

Did you know you can make a difference on your vacation simply by booking an excursion through AirBnB‘s Social Impact experiences instead of your local travel shop?

AirBnB’s Social Impact experiences are excursions hosted by leaders from local nonprofits. AirBnB waves the fees for these activities, and 100% of your cost goes directly to the non-profit you choose to learn more about!

The types of activities vary: learn about local history, culture, or the arts scene in the city you’re staying in. Whatever your cause may be, you can find an experience through AirBnB that will support it!

Not convinced this is as fun as other excursions you might be able to find? What about hiking with rescue dogs in Hollywood Hills, L.A., up Runyon Canyon? The two-hour hike doesn’t just give you great views of L.A., it gives a pack of rescue dogs from Free Animal Doctor the chance to get some exercise, fresh air, and to socialize! You’ll also help snap some pics of the pups to help promote their stories, fund their medical bills, and generate adoption interest.

Woman and her dog posing outdoor. Active lifestyle with dog.

What’s not to love, really?

Have you gone on one of AirBnB’s Social Impact excursions? Tell us about it in the comments!

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