The Irony Is, You Still Need a Work Schedule

October 28, 2019

Walking on a mountaintop in Switzerland

One of the reasons I love working for myself is the ability to make my own schedule. I can run errands and go to the gym during the day, avoiding the crowds. I don’t have to set an alarm, and I can work from wherever I like: My home-office, my couch, the beach, or Italy, if I’m so inclined.

But after a few years of working as a freelancer and having spent the last 8 months actively working to grow Blue Whale from glorified side hustle to a successful marketing agency, I’ve discovered something: just like in content marketing, consistency is key in growing a business.

Consistency, and a routine.

The problem with working “whenever I want too” is that it quickly turned into me working all the time. Work and not-work hours weren’t clearly defined, and I often spent a lot of time “working” but not necessarily being productive. I’m working really hard to change that so (get this) I can have at least some of my evenings and weekends back again. The irony kills me.

You Are Not a Tree

July 22, 2019

Three years ago next month, I lost my job in marketing when the company I worked for was acquired.

Determined to keep climbing the corporate ladder, I spent the next six months going on interviews and wondering when the next opportunity would arise.

After more interviews than I can count, and still no leads, I decided enough was enough: I knew there was a demand for my skillset, so I decided to go out and find the work myself. Shortly after, Blue Whale Communications was officially registered as a Canadian company, I launched my website, and the rest, as they say, is history.